The Many Men

by The Many Men

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released March 2, 2013

Rhythm: Jonathan Lohman
Melody: Dan Pfeiffer
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Damnbob Records in Greenfield, WI (2013)
Produced By Damnbob Records
Art Direction: Kate Pfeiffer
All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


The Many Men Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jonathan Lohman- Rhythm
Dan Pfeiffer- Melody

Spook Blues

Sounds Like:
Electric Lemonade, a Dan Auerbach-Amy Winehouse long distance relationship, tantric espionage rock, underwater Beatles playing left-handed.
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Track Name: B&B

I can tell when the party's over
But I'm no fun, baby, when I'm sober
You'll understand, maybe when you're older
For now, just rest your head on my shoulder

I don't claim to be as plain to see as you
Hard to read just starts to mean we're through

I have more sense than your other Joe's had
It's never been tough to tell when you're mad
Another night, another man in your bed
When you're on your knees life goes over your head

Track Name: Excuse Me
Excuse Me

Excuse me, Miss
Let me ask you this:
Might I trouble you for just one kiss?
We could take it slow
Don’t nobody else have to know

No thank you, Sir
As it were
I happen to be a happily married girl
He stole my heart
And I can’t finish what I don’t start

You can’t say to me
You’ve never once wanted to live dangerously
If you’d be so kind
Come and find me when you change your mind

Now I might fancy
One quick dance, we
May never get another chance, please
Take my arm
One song never did no harm
Track Name: Hard To Swallow
Hard To Swallow

Asked the Reverend about his bloody nose
He said he got it just outside The Rose
Preaching to a girl in leopard skin
He’d shut his mouth if he could do it again
Left the city as the story goes
Change of heart and a change of clothes
Sang the gospel but he hated each song
Now he wonders why he waited so long

Everywhere we go the rain still follows
It’s hard to swallow

Asked Sleepy why he looked so blue
He said “Depression isn’t nothin’ new”
Just got back on home from Bonnaroo
He might have had a bad trip or two
Wasn’t raining, no, but he got soaked
Swapped a bite for a pack of smokes
Copped a seat on the very next bus
Gone chasing after who knows what

Track Name: Susannah

Off in the distance
Was your silhouette
You talked with strangers
Borrowed cigarettes
He asked "how do I know you?"
You couldn't have guessed
You didn't remember
He couldn't forget

There's one thing for certain
You like to be chased
Your silk dress hangs loosely
Around your waist
You hold none too dearly
They can all be replaced
You don't want the whole glass
You'd just like a taste

“You can't be too careful”
The words you live by
You're not much for whiskey
Because that's how Sam died
And because of Otis
You don't like to fly
You want me to write you
You're slow to reply
Track Name: Icarus

As the music fades away
You’re suddenly so aware
Of all your surroundings
The energy in the air
The whispers grow louder now
They’re everywhere
Blood rushes to your face
As you feel the stares

You’re sinking like a stone
That weighs a ton
Caught you flying a little close
To the sun

The haze of love is lifted
The fog burned away
Sunlight peeks through the clouds
Shines on the charade
Hold onto this scene tightly
It’s not here to stay
Because quickly, tomorrows
Become yesterdays

Track Name: The Way
The Way

On my toes to catch a view
Just a glance will do
Beautiful no doubt
Inside and out
You’re with another guy
But then you catch my eye
I drop my glass
And you just laugh

There’s nothing I can say
There’s nothing I can do
To make you feel the way
The way that I do

I walk you home in the rain
But you don’t feel the same
I try too hard at first
And make it worse
If you just take my arm
Forever, I’ll hold on
But some things you can’t force
They’ll run their course


I can’t stand to be apart
But there’s no room in your heart
An umbrella for two
I fell for you
I drop you at your door
Turn into the downpour
But your keys can’t be found
I turn around
Track Name: Stained Glass
Stained Glass

Everywhere I go
I see somebody I know
But then I get a closer look
And I'm not so sure

When I see your face
I think of a better place
It makes me want to hide
In your warm embrace

I thought it would last
looking at you through the stained glass
I guess that's why some say
To forget the past

Everywhere I turn
The hole inside me starts to burn
It makes me want to run
Never to return

Looking at the sky
Patiently waiting to die
For me it's too late
But I'll still try
Track Name: Bad Thing
Bad Thing

You got the devil chasing you
And you’ve had a married girl or two
It’s true
And on your mind you got rambling
But I never said that was a bad thing

Blue eyes sweeping ladies off their feet
And you know you love that sweet, sweet, sweet
You got the world on your string
But I never said that was a bad thing

The booze, it filled your head with rage
Sacrificing your guitar on stage
And your lamp is still burning
But I never said that was a bad thing

Slow to change and quick to fight
More popular than Jesus Christ
That’s right
And you say your bird can sing
But I never said that was a bad thing
Track Name: Moving West
Moving West

You say you’re tired of this scene
You wish that you were still 16
You really need to get away
I don’t believe a word you say

Because you say that you are moving west
And your thoughts are crystal clear
But darling, if you are so sure
Then why are you still here?

You’re never coming back again
All your friends get underneath your skin
You swear you didn’t start the fight
Whatever helps you sleep at night


Because Milwaukee is far too cold
And twenty-two is far too old
You just know you’re a big city girl
You’re so hard not to pity girl, pretty girl.

Track Name: Same Old, Same Old
Same Old, Same Old

Once upon a time
Back when we were young
Before we crossed the line
Before our song was sung
In the summertime
I fell for your charm
You were on my mind
You were on my arm

It soaks in
heartbroken again
Same old, Same old
I'm on the mend
The last thing I need
Is a friend
But truth be told
That all depends

On those brighter days
Oh, we had our fun
Blinded in the haze
Before our race was run
On the day you left
For better or worse
You had one regret:
That you met him first